Michelle Young

Find Relaxation and Connection with your Horse

Michelle Young has the amazing ability to transform your relationship with your horse. With her, you can get the knowledge to get more connected, feel safer, and love working with your horse.

Michelle Young's Connected Horsemanship Community is your home base to find support, education, and inspiration on your horsemanship journey.

The Connected Horsemanship Community
with Michelle Young

The Connected Horsemanship Community includes these benefits:

  • Members access the community through a private login.
  • The community includes educational video channels, monthly Q&A sessions, and private Facebook Group(s).
  • There are two options of membership, depending on your current goals and needs:
    • Community  Members access Michelle’s ENTIRE Video Library: Horsemanship Essentials, Refinement and Supportive Topics, private Facebook Group and a monthly Q&A Call. Michelle's educational video channels have quality content and are created with you, the student, in mind. Videos are presented in a sequential way, where one exercise builds upon the other.
    • Community PLUS DN Study Group (DN Bonus) members get all Community benefits PLUS full access to Karen Rohlf's Dressage Naturally Video Library, a second monthly Q&A Call and a private Facebook Group for the DN Study Group.

Move Together in a Healthy, Happy Way

Michelle Young and horse

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Are You Ready to Join the Community?

Compare benefits of the two types of membership. We'd love to have you join us!

Member Feedback

"Meeting in the online class community with Michelle and her students has given me strategies and a mindset to independently solve situations and work towards a stronger connection with my horse. Riding with the classroom has brought a new focus to the foreground for me, my horse´s relaxation, my leadership, and building a trusting partnership. I am motivated to practice the ideas that come up in the classroom and I have found more confidence in my riding. I would recommend the online classroom to anyone who wants to feel connected, happy and passionate about riding. "
"I love the monthly virtual meetings as Michelle has created a community of like-minded horsemanship people. It helps to have people with whom to share my horsemanship Journey. Michelle gives us great ideas of exercises to try with our horses and helps to refocus us if we are confused or frustrated. I love her theory sections. I have learned so much on a variety of topics that have directly helped me with my riding. The virtual group expands and deepens my understanding of riding. I have found it a great opportunity to take a step back and think more clearly about where I am going with my riding and my relationship with my horse."
"Michelle’s Community is a must do to gain a deeper understanding of your horse! I have learned many new skills in the Horsemanship group. I enjoy the depth at which we study each aspect of working with our horses in an effort to improve their lives.

I also appreciate that the emphasis is on how to assess and make informed decisions in any situation. This has improved my confidence when working with my horses. I believe that no matter your ability or discipline, everyone would benefit greatly from joining the group."