Michelle YoungMichelle Young creates a safe and encouraging learning environment where both horses and students are seen as individuals. She provides a well balanced approach to working with horses, taking the whole picture into consideration, with a focus on mutual understanding, relaxation, connection and healthy biomechanics.

Michelle empowers and inspires her students to be independent learners and to bring out their inner potential, to grow and to work through challenges. She always lets her students know why a certain exercise or skill set is important before asking them to do it. She breaks things down into small pieces that are easy for both you and your horse to understand and successfully learn. Michelle strives to incorporate these principles into each video she creates.

Michelle has been teaching and training for over a decade. She has experience and knowledge with a wide range of horses and students and specializes in helping you build a strong foundation with your horse, create greater connection and partnership, as well as improve confidence and communication, both under saddle and in groundwork.

Michelle Young riding bridleless on horseMichelle puts a high value on continuing education and has had the opportunity to train with a number of amazing mentors over the years. Michelle Young is a Dressage Naturally Licensed InstructorIn addition, Michelle is a Dressage Naturally Licensed Instructor and is passionate about using the Dressage Naturally system to help both horses and riders find harmony and healthy biomechanics.

Michelle has set up the Connected Horsemanship Community to serve you with not only educational videos but also with Q&A calls where you get a chance to connect with her about your individual needs. There, she will answer your questions and help direct you to the videos you need most, for whatever goal or challenge you have at the time.

Michelle also puts a focus on the power of a supportive community and encourages students to connect with each other through the private Facebook group.

Who is the Connected Horsemanship Community for?

  • Anyone who wants to understand and connect with their horse more.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the WHY behind the WHAT they do with their horse.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about developing a horsemanship foundation with their horse.
  • Anyone who wants to gain confidence and relaxation within themselves when they are with their horse.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about their horse‚Äôs mental and physical health.
  • Anyone who would like to help their horse move in a healthy way.
  • Anyone who wants to be part of a supportive group of like minded people.

Why is the Connected Horsemanship Community important to me, Michelle Young?

  • I want to bring more understanding and connection to the horse industry.
  • I LOVE helping people and horses; this is an amazing way to do that!
  • It offers students multiple ways of learning and the ability to review what they have previously explored.
  • I can support and educate students who do not live physically near me.
  • I am passionate about creating a supportive, like minded community where everyone is safe and encouraged on their unique journey.

For more information on what Michelle offers, check out michelleyounghorsemanship.com and visit her clinic and workshop information and weekly group lesson options.

With her amazing ability to transform the relationship between horse and rider, Michelle Young helps you get connected, feel safe, and love working with your horse, giving you the knowledge you need to excel in whatever direction inspires you! She supports horses and their riders find their inner potential and accelerates them towards success.

Find Relaxation and Connection with your Horse

Move Together in a Healthy, Happy Way

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