Join the Dressage Naturally (DN) Study Group ($50/month CAN + 5% GST)

What’s Included in Michelle's Dressage Naturally Study Group?

  • Complete access to over 400 videos in Karen Rohlf's Dressage Naturally Video Classroom (a monthly value of $38 CAN).
  • Monthly Q&A calls with Michelle where students can find ideas and inspiration as well as get their questions answered.
  • A private Facebook group for everyone in Michelle's Dressage Naturally Study Group that creates a safe and supportive space to ask questions, share wins, receive updates and stay connected with other members.
  • In this private FB group, students can also add videos of what they are working on with their horse and Michelle can help answer questions in the group and on the Q&A calls.
  • Discounts on private virtual coaching sessions with Michelle.
Michelle Young is a Dressage Naturally Licensed Instructor

Dressage Naturally Study Group Q&A Calls with Michelle Young:

  • The monthly Dressage Naturally Study Group Q&A Calls are video teleconferences via Zoom. Calls typically start with a short sharing of wins or successes. During the remainder of the call questions will be answered.
  • Priority is given to questions sent in more than 24 hours in advance of the call. If there are more questions than Michelle can answer in the time frame of the call, she will pick the questions that are most relevant to the group.
  • A detailed schedule of calls is available when logged in. Members also have access to video recordings of each call. So, even if you can't make one of the calls, you can still submit your question to be answered and you can watch later at your convenience.
  • The Community Q&A calls are monthly, usually on the third or fourth Tuesday evening of each month, 6:00-7:30 PST.

Join the Dressage Naturally (DN) Study Group ($50/month CAN + 5% GST)

“Michelle Young stands out as a horsewoman with a high degree of integrity, compassion, and skill. I am proud to have her as an ambassador for Dressage Naturally. You are in excellent hands when you look to Michelle for education and support in realizing your horsemanship dreams.”     ~Karen Rohlf

michelle riding horse

As a Dressage Naturally Licensed Instructor, I promise:

  • To put the welfare of the horse and the safety of the human as the top priority.
  • To meet each student and horse where they are, and help them take the best next step towards their goal.
  • To prioritize the relationship, partnership, communication, understanding and harmony.
  • To create safe, fun, positive learning environments that are free of judgment.
  • To live in the spirit of possibility.
  • To seek to make the world a better place for horses by keeping the heart in the horse/human relationship.
  • To listen to the horse’s needs and do our best to see things from the horse’s perspective.
  • To take a holistic view of the horse’s experience.
  • To welcome students and horses from all disciplines.
  • To empower students to be able to independently problem-solve.

~Michelle Young

Michelle is so proud to be a Dressage Naturally Licensed Instructor.

Karen Rohlf, creator of Dressage Naturally, has hand-picked only 5 instructors internationally to help students around the world to achieve their dreams with horses through harmonious education and empowered learning.

Michelle teaching

Are you looking for even more support and more videos...

Consider joining Michelle's Community Membership with DN Bonus

For only an additional $15/month, you will be enrolled in BOTH the Dressage Naturally (DN) Study Group AND Michelle’s Connected Horsemanship Community, called the Community Membership with DN Bonus ($50/mo DN Study Group plus $15/mo for full Community Membership = $65/mo CAN). In addition to the DN Study Group benefits, you'll also have access to all of Michelle's videos and an additional monthly Q&A call with Michelle!

Join Michelle's Connected Horsemanship Community with DN Bonus ($65/mo CAN + 5% GST)

Not Sure Where to Start?

Schedule a Meet and Greet session with me, Michelle Young. I want to get to know you and your horse and help you find your next best step in your journey with your horse.