Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Please check these frequently asked questions first. If you can't find your answer, then please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your question.

What is your privacy policy and terms of service?

View our privacy policy and our terms of service.

Can I download the videos onto my computer?

No, the videos cannot be downloaded. In order to protect the content, the videos stream in real time.  Here are the advantages to streaming:

  1. You do not have to wait for videos to download before watching them. The video starts quickly after hitting PLAY.
  2. You can immediately click anywhere in the video timeline and will play from there (this is helpful where you are trying to find a particular place in the video).
  3. Videos are hosted by a service that stores videos in several places around the world, this enables videos to play smoothly from many locations.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime.  Your subscription will then end at your next renewal date. To cancel, login to the community, go to the My Account list on your dashboard, click on "Cancel Membership" link.  There, toggle your subscription to "Off", then click the "Update" button.

I want to change my member option, is that possible?

Yes. You can change your member option any time. If you change your option, it takes effect immediately. Any amount owing will be charged immediately. Any credit will be applied to you next month's billing.

My credit card information has changed, how do I update this?

To change or edit your credit card information, login to the community, go to the My Account list on your dashboard, click on "Account Details" link. There, click on the blue "Edit Your Account" button. Then, enter the corrected credit card information and click the "Save" button.

How do I join the private Facebook Group?

All active members of Michelle’s Connected Horsemanship Community are invited to join the private Facebook group. In order to join the group, add Michelle Young as a friend on Facebook here: and then check your Facebook notifications (the little bell) for your invitation to the group.

What happens if I cannot attend a Q&A Call?

If you cannot attend the Q&A call in person you can still submit your question to Michelle and she will answer it on the call. Recordings from the calls are available within 24 hours of the call and you can watch or listen to the replay to hear your question answered.

How do I submit questions for the Q&A Calls?

For Michelle’s best response, email your question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 24 hours prior to the call. Questions can also be asked in the private Facebook group and during the call itself if there is time remaining.

Are the videos for beginners or more advanced riders?

Both! Michelle’s Connected Horsemanship Community is designed to meet the needs of both beginner horsemanship students and more advanced students. If you are new to Michelle or horsemanship, the Connected Horsemanship Community option is a great place to start. If you have worked with Michelle before or already have some previous horsemanship experience, the Connected Horsemanship Community plus DN Bonus could be a good match for you. Learn more about what is included in each level.

I am interested in signing up but I would like to speak with Michelle first. Is that an option?

Yes! To speak with Michelle before making a decision to join, click HERE to book a FREE virtual strategy session with Michelle.

Do I need to have worked with Michelle previously to join the Community?

No, you don’t! :) The Connected Horsemanship Community is set up to serve new students to Michelle Young Horsemanship and for students who live far away and cannot work with Michelle in person. You can ask questions specific to your needs in both the monthly Q&A calls as well as the private Facebook group. Michelle and her team are here to welcome you and help you get settled in.